The UK vs The USA

With the current political climate between the UK and the USA I thought it would be fitting to write about what it was like to go home for a brief period to then be immersed once again in American culture. The first is that it was actually warmer in the UK, as a true Brit … Continue reading The UK vs The USA


The Roadtrip

Just over a week ago my roommate and myself set off for a long weekend driving in the Nevadan dessert into California and then back to Salt Lake City, and I have to admit it was one of the best weekends of my life. (Despite my mother's jealousy when we visited the Lehi Roller Mills, … Continue reading The Roadtrip

Weird Weather

The last few days here the weather has been more temperamental than that of the UK, which is saying something. It has gone from the mid 20s (degrees Celsius) to 8 and now is just starting to recover back to the warmer temperatures. During the brief cold snap, to which it was essential to go … Continue reading Weird Weather

One Month Down

After being in Salt Lake City for a month I thought I should write about the differences I've started to notice of here compared to the UK and although the "dreaded" culture shock has not hit, I'm sure it will do at some point soon. There are some things here that have almost definitely lived … Continue reading One Month Down

The First Two Weeks

I've been in Utah now for two weeks and I can assure you it has not been the easiest 14 days of my life. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. It started on the day of travel when my flight got delayed due to a fuel pump issue. A word of advice to pilots: … Continue reading The First Two Weeks